Why Pay For Social Ads
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Why Pay For Social Ads

Why Using Social Ads Is A No Brainer

Advertising on social media goes far beyond building up a social media presence. With the assistance of social ads, it is possible to boost some of your posts. Starting a Social Media Campaign across all your social network sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, is even better. To see huge growth from your social media platform and to start reaching a larger audience, it could be time to start advertising on social media using Social Ads. Here is why.


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If you are weighing the option of putting some money into social advertising and you want to make sure that your presence can be improved, check out some of these top reasons for advertising on social media.

Social Audience Reach Is Larger

People spend an extensive amount of time on social media consuming content. Whether they are connected to a messaging system, scrolling through posts, or even checking in on their favorite retailers, heading over to some type of social media site or application eats up a fair amount of time. What does that mean for you as a Business Owner? With hundreds of millions of users across an active social network like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, that’s a chance to potentially reach them using a targeted advertisement like Social Ads.

Social Advertising Is Cheaper

Targeting just as many people but paying less is the ultimate goal for the average Business Owner. Social Advertising cost just a fraction of the cost of TV Networks, Print Advertising, Google Ads, or just a basic spot in your local paper. And with billions of users on social media each day, this can also give you a much wider target audience than you would ever have in your local newspaper or on TV.

With around 1.3 9 billion users on Facebook just through mobile devices, you can target anyone with your ads and hone in on reaching the right audience in a way that goes far beyond demographics targeting in other media types.

Cut Through All The Noise

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Unless you get a retweet on Twitter, a shout-out on Instagram or someone re-posting your content on Facebook, achieving a social reach can be often difficult. Not too many users actively seek out new businesses or brands in their local area. In this day and age, sometimes the only way to get your brand out there is to do Social Media Advertising by paying for Promoted Posts.

Social Selling Is Easy To Scale

You can test and experiment and find out what Advertising Campaign works for your business and best and what don’t. And with that information, you can change the campaign to what works best, making it extremely scalable. This can also save you money in the long run. The campaign that isn’t working well, just changing before you continue to throw money away. You don’t have this type of option with Print Advertisement or a spot in your local newspaper. With Social Advertising through buying Social Ads or learning through an SEO Course, you can learn your way to success.

Demographic Targeting

Through all of the data that’s available on social media networks, social advertising can be like throwing a dart at a board with your eyes closed. But with Social Ads, you can target customers in a specific geographic area, a specific age group, their interests, and hobbies, or even in a specific profession. This level of targeting will help you reach the correct people and can help you save big on your advertising dollars.Demographic Targeting

Still not sure if social advertising is for you?  Get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  1. We have to be real, social media is not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, it will just advance even more and become more of a center figure in our day to day lives. Being able to master social media ads is my goal and I am hoping to really get the ball rolling now that the holiday season is in full swing. I think it is a fantastic time to start!

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