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Why join our Membership Site and get SEO Training? The passion to succeed and train others to succeed, is the outcome of an adventure that has culminated into a passion. Smazzit Training Institute intends to serve as an outlet to train others in positioning their business on the internet using SEO techniques. We will function as a training ground that will transform struggling online entrepreneurs into successful Business Moguls, using knowledge acquired from years of experience in search engine optimization. Get started today with local seo 0n sale $99 

Follow Your Dreams With The Power Of Knowledge 

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24 Hour Course Access

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Individual Approach For Every Student

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Local SEO Course

Local SEO Course

If you are tired of paying money for no results, you came to the right place to learn SEO for your small business.

WordPress Training Course In Atlanta

WordPress Training Course In Atlanta

If you are tired of being nickel-and-dimed by a Web Designer everytime you need something fixed on your WordPress site, we got you.

SEO Crash Course For Online Business

SEO Crash Course For Online Business

If you want to learn how to promote your own business, you came to the right place.

Advanced SEO Course

Advanced SEO Course

FreeLance Web Developers & Virtual Assistants (VA)’s, this course is for you. Hiring Freelancers and Virtual Assistants is becoming the new way we do business.


Local Search Engine Optimization Company

NO HARDCORE TECK SKILLS REQUIRED – I have worked with many business owners who have been taken advantage of by other agencies. We will teach you the ropes and the tricks to take your site to the next level. Not only will you bring in more sales, but you will also stop wasting time and losing money. Some things covered, keyword research the right way, unique link building techniques, execution plans, SEO Coaching, digital marketing as a business, social media and more. See our advanced class for bloggers and web developers, freelancers

Center For Entrepreneurship

Smazzit’s mission is to enrich the lives of Aspiring Entrepreneurs and add value to their businesses. We are more interested in how you can learn the skills and adapt it towards the success of your business. Our courses are taught by a Marketer Team with real life experience. You can take a course on your own time, anytime, anywhere, with personalized support through Live chat. We will have a range of clases anywhere from search engine optimization, WordPress, entrepreneurship, IT, languages, legal and many more. We are here to help you follow your dreams with The Power Of Knowledge.”

Step By Step Interactive Videos With Live Chat Support

We understand times get rough. And websites break, which is why we decided to creat exclusive content for members to help with different issues. We have an extensive list of “how to do” videos to assist with you just about every problem. And if you don’t see what you need, just email us and we will get it created for you. .

All Instructors Have Built Real Businesses And Have Tons Of Industry Certifications

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SEO Coaching
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Smazzit SEO Certification

Smazzit SEO Certification grouped with intensive intensive knowledge, separates you from others. It shows you have the skills to produce solid results from search engines. We also provide certifications to all students. Learn how to increase your website traffic and increase rankings in search results in the top of search engine with our proven techniques.


This was Great seo training helped me since I’m just a humble garbage man that knows nothing about such things.

Very thorough but not overwhelming.

Highly recommend these professionals.


I just learned how to build my own WordPress website from scratch, which is crazy. For months I had been looking for someone to build a site for me, but I couldn’t afford it smh. And to learn all this on my own, I never dreamed I could do this. The way everything was broken down in this course made it so easy.

Just finished the local seo course. I am amazed of how knowledgeable the instructor is. I been trying so many things before this and nothing really worked. I really wish I had found her years ago.


Have you ever had a website break, but you don’t know how to fix it? 

Here's how we can help you...
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