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About Us

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A Little About Us: From Adventure to Passion

Smazzit Training Institute marks a new beginning on intent to make a bold mark on the sands of time. From a self-taught web designer to an SEO Expert, the foundation of what stands today as Smazzit Training Institute, derived from the great works of SEO & Biz Hub. Our company spurned into a hunger and obsession with helping small businesses and start-ups, who are unable to subscribe to the average cost of SEO. For a growing online business, SEO is crucial.

The passion to succeed and train others to succeed, is the outcome of an adventure that has culminated into a passion. Smazzit intends to serve as an outlet to train others in positioning their business on the internet using SEO techniques. We will function as a training ground that will transform struggling online entrepreneurs into successful Business Moguls, using knowledge acquired from years of experience.

Smazzit Training Institute boasts a pool of knowledge, expertise and experience that will add value to small businesses, start-ups and even SEO experts. With our online Digital Marketing Platform, we intent to enrich lives of aspiring Entrepreneurs and add value to their businesses. We are more interested in how you can learn the skills and adapt it towards the success of your business.

What distinguishes Smazzit Training Institute from every other online training school is our instructor-led human approach with personalized support. We also offer free Business Consulting for our users.

At Smazzit, our relationship does not end when you click the order button. It is the beginning of a flourishing business relationship. We will mentor and guide your business, until you get the desired results. This is Smazzit Training Institute motto.


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Our online courses are built in partnership with technology leaders and are relevant to industry needs.
Upon completing a Online course, you’ll receive a verified completion certificate recognized by industry leaders.

In this era of of the digital world, digital marketing services is incredibly important to online businesses that want to maximize their profits. While online marketing services is vital to your business success, hiring a professional Marketing Agency can be very expensive, especially in a constantly changing digital marketing world. Or you can get on the digital train. Whether you want to start a new career in search engine optimization, rank your own business to increase sales or get your own in-house Digital Marketer, you will be doing yourself a big favor by joining our training academy to get SEO training for entrepreneurs.  And you will also save tons of money and time. 

Getting digital training goes beyond bringing organic traffic to your website. It also involves driving profitable leads, which can converts to sales, while enhancing your brand presence. And you can have all of this by taking Smazzit online courses , with personal support.

I have worked with many business owners who have been taken advantage of by other agencies. Our courses and free tutorial videos from our Premium Membership Site will teach you the ropes and the tricks to take your site to the next level. Not only will you bring in more sales, but you will also stop wasting time and losing money.


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