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Why Learn SEO

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Your small town business doesn’t have to have a big marketing budget or have dozens of employees to benefit from learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You don’t even have to be a full-blown expert for your website to gain traction. Instead of spending a fortune on hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, you can learn search engine optimization on your own or by taking an SEO Training For Starters.


To better understand the specifics, we should first define what we’re getting into. As its name suggests, SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is the practice of optimizing your website to improve its organic visibility in search engines. In simpler terms, it includes the steps you can take to make sure your website shows up when your customers search for you.

While there are many search engines, the biggest of them all, is Google. Google owns as much as 78% of the search engine market share, globally, according to Newsweek. Their dominance in the digital space has been unrivaled for the past few years, and it’s safe to say that Google’s dominance will continue for many years to come.

Free Traffic (Organic Traffic) 

There’s a common argument against search engine optimization; “Why bother with organic search results when you can just run a search ad?” True, but how many small businesses or startups can just continue to cough up this type of money? Plus paying for ads can get pretty costly. Yes, search ads do show up at the top of the results page, but here is the issue. There are ads in every nook and cranny on the internet. You can’t hide from them. Google is following you lol. And as a result, people have become much more critical of in-your-face advertising. Search Ads to an extent, employ this undesirable hard-sell tactic.

And to top it off, the majority of people instantly click on organic results vs a paid ad, according to a Martec Survey. So the best way to make sure your business isn’t overlooked in the search results is to Digital Marketing.

Online marketing is crucial to your digital efforts

It may seem tempting to spend your time and budget creating Google, Bing, or Facebook Ads instead, but again, ads can get costly; especially for a small business or startup. And also too, the money you spend on ads cannot guarantee an ROI (return on investment). If you don’t know what you are doing with paid ads, you can just be throwing money away.

Learning search engine optimization may seem intimidating, but with a mindset to learn it, you can do it. You also can cut some of the time to learn search engine optimization by taking a course at Smazzit with an SEO Expert. We got you.

6 thoughts on “Why Learn SEO”

  1. I totally agreed with everything you say, SEO is a must for every business, especially when it comes to Google search engine, there used to be at a time when people argue that you don’t need a website for any business, no anymore, then facebook page, I’m pretty sure that there will be a time when nobody will debate how SEO is important.

    Yes, some people still debate Ads against SEO, but Google set the tone straight when they said: Marketing is content Marketing (even tho they make money from all these ads) there’s a study in the book “Art of SEO” that show that SEO convert way more than Ads.And yes Patt, Google Ads is more costly even when you hire an SEO expert.

  2. It is funny because a lot of people seem to push towards just hiring someone to handle your SEO needs which is fine but if you are a small business, it will quickly drain your earnings. I feel like learning SEO should be a priority whether you are running an online shop, blog, forum, or general database. You want to ensure your traffic is good and your rank well on Google and you won’t be able to do that if you don’t know how to maximize your SEO.

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