How To Add Website To Bing In Two Ways [Video Tutorial]

How To Add Website To Bing In Two Ways [Video Tutorial]

How To Submit Your Website To Yahoo & Bing Search Engine

In this Video tutorial, we walk through how to submit your website to Bing Search Engine, which in return automatically submits it to Yahoo Search Engine. Bing has about 33% of the search market online; at least on the desktop. And there are still customers in other countries who don’t even use Google. They just use Bing. So you don’t want to miss out on those customers.

Also older customers with money, roughly over 35, still use Bing and Yahoo. And best of all, when you go to add my website to Bing in the WebMaster Tools Dashboard , you are also adding it to Yahoo Search. So let’s get started.

Bing Webmaster Tools submit

To add your url to Bing, you will need to add your site to Bing Webmaster Tools. You will need a free Microsoft Account or you can just use your Google Gmail or Facebook Account. Now one thing I want to tell you before we get started, submitting your url to Bing to Bing can be a little difficult. Adding the meta tag to your head section in your WordPress site doesn’t always work, which is why I also will show you how to add your site to Bing by uploading an XML file to your hosting server (Cpanel). 

First, go to your Google or Internet Explorer Browser or whatever browser you use. Type in Bing Webmaster Tools. It should populate. Click on it and select the account you want to use to sign in. And it should bring you to your Webmaster Tools Dashboard.

Next, click “Add Your Site.” Now you do want to make sure that you also add a sitemap if you haven’t already. But you can also add it later. If you don’t know how to create a sitemap, watch one of my other videos to learn how.

Next, start completing all the information about your company or organization on the “About Me” screen: your first name, last name, job role, your company, organization, your industry, address, etc. Make sure you put in your correct contact information so that Bing Dashboard can alert you on crawl errors, index issues, sitemap problems and virus/malware detection issues. Now click save. Bing Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Now, this brings you to the tags you need to add to your site to get discovered by Bing and Yahoo Search. The easiest way to do this is by stating with the second option. Copy the whole line that says “Meta Tag” and go to your WordPress Dashboard

Copy the meta tag and log into your WordPress Website Dashboard. To the left, click on appearance and click editor. Because we’re going to be entering this code in the head, look to the right and find the words header.php and click it. In the contents of that header.php file, find this <head> and paste the Bing Meta Tag below it.

Click save and go back to Bing to click verify. If it works, then you are done. If not go to the next step. Bing Web Submission doesn’t always work the easiest way, which is adding the meta tag to your head section in your WordPress site. So let’s walk through adding it to your hosting server (Cpanel). 

You do need access to your Cpanel Hosting Account. And as always, make sure you back up your website before you start.

Go back to Bing and select the 1st option. Download the XML file because you will be uploading it to your hosting server. 

Login into your Cpanel. Scroll down and find “File Manager” and click it. Select the site you are working on in the dropdown menu and make sure you check “hidden files.”Cpanel Dashboard server

On the left, at the top, click upload. Now find the Bing XML file you downloaded to your computer and upload it to your Cpanel Hosting Account. You should see it.

Now let’s go back to Bing Webmaster Tools and make sure it verifies ok. And that’s it. 


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This was great training. It helped me since I’m just a humble garbage man that knows nothing about such things.Very thorough but not overwhelming. Highly recommend these professionals.


I just learned how to build my own WordPress website from scratch, which is crazy. For months I had been looking for someone to build a site for me, but I couldn’t afford it smh. And to learn all this on my own, I never dreamed I could do this. The way everything was broken down in this course made it so easy.


Very helpful sessions ! Patricia was great in teaching me about search engine optimization and how to let my website grow !