Premium Membership Smazzit

Premium Membership Smazzit

WordPress Support & Website Maintenance

We understand times get rough and websites break, which is why we decided to create exclusive content for members to help with website updates, web maintenance & issues. By registering for a Premium Membership at Smazzit, you get exclusive content to help you fix different issues on your site for free.

Business owners are pretty busy so there is no time to sit around searching all over the internet for ways to fix your website, only to find a bunch of useless videos. But we got you covered. We can save you time and money. This some of our perks below.

(Members get discounts off every course)

How to fix website issues

Smazzit Members Benefits:

  • Speed optimization
  • Plugin Conflicts
  • WordPress issues 
  • Google Algorithm Changes
  • Practical and actionable guidance to help you to achieve good growth.
  • PHP issues
  • SSL issues
  • Cpanel Help
  • Security issues and more

Our online membership can help you learn where to prioritise your investments so that you’re not spending empty cash on things that aren’t working for your business. 


If you don’t see the video to help you with your issue, contact us and we will get it for you.



This was great training. It helped me since I’m just a humble garbage man that knows nothing about such things.Very thorough but not overwhelming. Highly recommend these professionals.


I just learned how to build my own WordPress website from scratch, which is crazy. For months I had been looking for someone to build a site for me, but I couldn’t afford it smh. And to learn all this on my own, I never dreamed I could do this. The way everything was broken down in this course made it so easy.


Very helpful sessions ! Patricia was great in teaching me about search engine optimization and how to let my website grow !

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