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Why join Smazzit to get SEO Training? Due to the fact that the average business owner knows almost zero as to how search engines really work, YOU, the business owner, is prone to getting scammed by Internet Gurus pretending to be a Digital Analyst. By taking a search engine optimization training course at Smazzit, we can help you rank your own website and prevent you from getting taking advantage of, just in case you decide to hire a Digital Marketer. We also help you save money. Our classes are for beginners to advanced.

The Power Of Knowledge 


Pat is always available for questions and always available to help … and very patient, plus explain everything I need to know in detail.. I learned many ideas and what is the best method for my business to promote online.

Christine Newton

I worked with Pat and I was on my last leg before I gave up. I didn’t have much money to pay for the site but Pat really worked with me. She designed a package that greatly fit my budget. I couldn’t be much happier. Much love and respect!

Emily Dadi


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