WordPress Premium Course

WordPress Premium Course

WordPress Premium Training For Dummies

Starting from Nothing

Are you just starting out as an entrepreneur or business owner? Or are you wanting to join the thriving Digital Marketing World? Do you understand the importance of having a robust online presence? Then you’re going to benefit from learning how to set up a WordPress website from start to finish.

With this course, entrepreneurs and beginners just like you can learn how to create pages, add widgets, design menus, and ensure the entire website functions as expected. You’ll also learn why it’s vital to avoid free themes and choose something from the premium category. We will also walk you through setting up a Premium WordPress Theme.

Regardless of the nature of your business or what your company does to create profit, having a first-class website is essential to your online business success, and you’ll learn everything you need to know with this short course.

Premium WordPress Training is also suitable for employees who work on your digital team. Why spend a fortune outsourcing web design and maintenance when you can manage the task in-house and keep control over everything? You’ll never have to call your web development firm and wait hours while they make updates again! You can do everything in a matter of minutes from your office.

Benefits of WordPress for business:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to update
  • SEO ready
  • Responsive designs
  • Fast and easy upgrades
  • Social media integrated
  • Plus many more

To learn more about Premium WordPress Training for entrepreneurs, please get in touch via this website and speak to a member of our team. If you’re not using WordPress in-house at the moment, there is a reasonable chance you’re overspending, and so you stand to save a small fortune with only a small investment of time and money.

What Makes Us Different From Other Online Schools?

Individualized Approach From Experts In WordPress With Real Experience– Each person is different and businesses have unique needs. That is why this training focuses on the students and their individual needs rather than using a generalized method.

No Technical Knowledge Is Required – You don’t need to be super knowledgeable about the internet but you have to be willing to learn.

Strategic Mentorship and Support – We help our students, while they create their websites. We provide ongoing support to help you maintain your competitive edge and dominate your digital market permanently.

We touch on KeyWord Ranking and Content Creation In this Course.

With This Course You’ll Learn:

  • FTP Exploration
  • WordPress Installation
  • Free vs Premium Theme
  • Premium Theme Setup and customization
  • How to set up pages with keywords in mind
  • How to add and schedule posts
  • How to add and customize menus
  • How to add and customize widgets
  • How to install WordPress Plugins
  • How to format texts
  • How to set up and customize HTML Header Tags the right way
  • How to create amazing content the search engine will love and your visitors will adore
  • Actionable and easy-to-do steps you can start implementing right away
  • How to add images, audio and video
  • Image Optimization
  • Google and Speed Optimization
  • Email List Building
  • Subscribers and profiles managing
  • And much more!

Here are some of the benefits you can derive from taking a D.I.Y. Premium WordPress Course:

  • 90% of potential customers now go online to purchases.
  • Premium websites look much better than plain free websites.
  • With an expert online training in WordPress, you’ll learn how to setup your own website without spending hundreds and sometimes thousands to a Web Developer.
  • If you are planning to join the thriving Digital Marketing World, having WordPress on your resume will make you more marketable.
  • You’ll know how to remain in tune with industry best-practices and stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Effective WordPress knowledge will help your brand image
  • You’ll know how to produce consistent results and achieve long-term digital success

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Smazzit Smazzit Author

We believe in you so we encourage you to follow your dreams. With the rise of the Digital Age, there is no excuse.

Enrollment in this course opens on 12/01/2018.

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