WordPress Course

WordPress Course

Build Your Own Website

Are you thinking about starting an online business. Well this is the right time. No job is secure anymore so you have to have a back up plan. This why we created this course, for future business owners just like you. We will teach you how to build your very own website from start to finish. Regardless of the nature of your business, having a first-class website that converts visitors to customers is essential to any online business success. So let’s get you going!

What You Will Learn:

  • Build Your Own WordPress Website
  • Customization
  • How to set up pages
  • How to add and schedule posts
  • How to add and customize menus
  • How to add and customize widgets
  • WordPress Plugin Analyzation
  • How to format texts and more


What Makes Us Different From Other Online Schools?

Individualized Approach From Experts With Real World Experience – Each person is different and businesses have unique needs. That is why this course focus on the students and their individual needs rather than using a generalized method.

No Hardcore Technical Knowledge Is Required –  BUT you do have to be willing to learn.

Strategic Mentorship and Support – We provide ongoing support throughout the course.

This is a hands on course taught in a live session. So please choose your the two days you are available on the calendar below. Please set aside at least 2-4 hours each of those days.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 3-6 hours

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Pat Johnson Pat Johnson Author

Pat. Johnson is a Digital Project Manager at SEO & Biz Hub, seobizhub.com, a Digital Marketing Company that provides SEO Services for small and medium-sized businesses/startups. Pat has 10 Industry Certifications: 8 Google Certifications, Waze Certified Partner and Bing Certified Partner. @seobizhub @smazzit

Online WordPress Course

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